Republican US Senate candidate Jason Lewis has filed a lawsuit against Governor Walz. Lewis is claiming that restrictions on travel and gathering are having an impact on his campaign under the 14th amendment. Lewis says he had to provide a claim to file the lawsuit but says this about giving Minnesotans their freedom and liberty back.

“Even the police power of the state has a limit,” said Lewis. “As attorney general, Barr says ‘there is no pandemic exception to the bill of rights.’ This is why we filed a lawsuit and why we believe we’ll be successful.”

Lewis says the government-mandated restrictions need to end.

“This has gone on long enough,” said Lewis. “The cure has become worse than the disease. People in Greater Minnesota have had enough and we aim to give them a voice.”

Lewis, a former Minnesota representative, is challenging incumbent Democrat Tina Smith for the US Senate seat. He spoke with Lynn Kittleson of the Linder Farm Network