Some state lawmakers question why elective surgeries are being allowed again in Minnesota, when the supply of personal protective equipment is still tight and nurses are warning that P-P-E is being rationed. House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler:

“To return, then, to life-as-usual and elective procedures, that may also be the right choice, but it should be noted that it is at the sacrifice of the health and safety of health care workers.”

Mary Krinkie with the Minnesota Hospital Association responds the medical needs of non-COVID patients must also be considered:

“What do you have if you have a tumor that needs to be removed? ….We’ve had patients that didn’t get procedures for the last two months, and that was the right decision to make, but we need to be able to bring some of those procedures back.”

State Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says “situations may change and we may need to revisit guidance” on elective surgeries — but Malcolm adds that delaying necessary medical procedures could have long-term health consequences.