It’s been more than two months that the community has been following the “Stay at Home Order,” and I know that this has been a challenging situation for many. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we manage through these unusual times.
As always, public health and safety remain a priority. It’s also important to ensure the essential services that residents have come to expect continue to be provided. The City of Mankato continues to follow recommendations and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Minnesota Department of Health, while also being in compliance with the Governor’s executive orders.
The Governor extended the peacetime emergency through June 12 and turned the dial on his plans to open safely with his new “Stay Safe Minnesota Order.” This order goes into effect Monday, May 18 and lasts through May 31. Here are some key highlights:
  • Some businesses that deal directly with customers (other than bars, restaurants and other places of public accommodation) may open May 18. Guidelines for opening also include these requirements:
  • Workers and customers must maintain physical distancing of 6 feet.
  • Store occupancy must not exceed 50 percent of normal capacity (as determined by fire marshal).
  • Sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting required for businesses with common areas (like malls).
  • Plans must be available upon request to regulatory authorities and public safety officers.
  • Gatherings limited to 10 people (even if social distancing can be maintained). Some examples of prohibited gatherings include social, civic, community, faith-based, or leisure events, sporting or athletic events, performances, concerts, conventions, fundraisers, parades, fairs and festivals that bring together more than 10 people from more than one household.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Hold remote meetings and work from home whenever possible.
  • Wear masks and face coverings when leaving homes and going to any public setting where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
  • Ensure work adheres to Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards; and, Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
  • Employees expressing concerns about unsafe or unhealthy conditions are protected under existing law.
The temporary closure of bars, restaurants and other places of public accommodation is extended; and, organized sports–including practice and play–are on hold until June 1. Under direction of the Governor, plans are in development to safely open these entertainment and activity options while ensuring the health and safety of the public, workers, players and coaches.
Mankato parks remain open as detailed below. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the area’s open spaces and trails, and know that staff are working on a plan to open closed items safely while following CDC requirements and guidelines.
Just like many of Mankato’s residents and businesses, the city is looking forward to the opportunity to reopen additional amenities in parks, facilities and buildings. What’s key is that we do so in a way that keeps the community safe and helps lessen the potential spread and impacts of COVID-19.
We will continue to keep the public informed as the situation changes.
Please contact me by email or 507-387-8695; or Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms at 507-387-8609 any time we can be of service.