Congressman Jim Hagedorn (MN-01) today provided the following update about his treatment for advanced kidney cancer:

“Last week, I attended one of my regularly scheduled checkup appointments at the Mayo Clinic. I am pleased to report that my response to treatment continues to go exceedingly well. The immunotherapy is boosting my body’s immune system and enabling it to identify and kill the cancer cells.

“I’m feeling great and working hard. Rest assured, I will keep fighting cancer and fighting for America and the people of southern Minnesota.

“On behalf of my wife, Jennifer Carnahan, and myself, thanks to all who have offered their prayers, support and encouragement. We are especially grateful for the care of my talented physician, Dr. Lance Pagliaro, and all the wonderful and devoted professionals at the Mayo Clinic.”

Hagedorn was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer on February 15, 2019, during a routine health examination. He had no symptoms and the cancer was detected accidentally. Hagedorn has received medical care and treatment at the Mayo Clinic for the past 15 months.

Since being sworn into office in January 2019, Hagedorn has held 26 Town Hall meetings (including an in-person event in each of the First District’s 21 counties), made 44 roundtrips to and from Washington, D.C. and has not missed a single vote due to illness.

Rep. Hagedorn, an outspoken advocate for preventative medical screenings, has vocally encouraged Governor Tim Walz to safely and promptly reopen Minnesota’s hospitals and medical clinics so residents can again receive routine consultations and preventative screenings.

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Hagedorn has warned that tens of thousands of Americans, many completely unaware of illness and in need of immediate life-saving treatment, will likely die or incur lasting health problems due to postponed diagnosis and treatment.

Hagedorn uses his case as an example, explaining that he likely would not be alive today had his cancer diagnosis and treatment been delayed for even one or two months.