Governor Tim Walz announced a plan to protect Minnesota’s long term care residents and workers amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

“A battle plan dealing with these long term care facilities. Reducing the deaths, reducing the infection and tackling this.”

The plan centers on expanding testing, provide more personal protective equipment and also making sure the facilities can be staffed at the proper level.

“This can be a crisis situation where if staff are not able to get back in, these folks need to be cared for on all kinds of levels of issue, not to mention a quality of life issue. We do not warehouse our seniors and not interact and provide things for them, that’s what the staff is doing.”

Of the 508 deaths reported in Minnesota from COVID-19, 407 have been in long term care facilities.

Walz says this plan has wasn’t formed overnight and was dependent on Minnesotans helping to slow the spread of the virus.

“This has been going on through all these weeks. but right now, we’re prepared to very much go on the offensive and that is no small part because of what all of you have done.”