80 percent of COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota have occurred in long-term care facilities. Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom says while additional steps are needed to protect the workers and residents in those facilities, the state’s mitigation efforts to this point have limited further spread.

“One in five of our skilled nursing facilities have laboratory-confirmed cases and one in ten assisted living facilities have cases,” said Malcom. “Most of the facilities that have cases only have one or two.”

Malcom says the total number of cases in most facilities has been limited.

“141 of the 330 facilities with cases have only one case,” said Malcom. “46 have two and 143 have more than two. 88 of the facilities have cases only among residents and 102 have cases only among health care workers.”

Governor Walz enacted a five-point plan to protect residents and workers in long-term care facilities, focused on expanded testing, adequate PPE, and ensuring adequate staffing levels.