Mankato Area Public Schools’ Community Education and Recreation Department announces honorees for the 2020 Spirit of Youth Awards:

  • Shane Baier–Outstanding Mentor
  • Pierre Ellis–Outstanding Community Organizer
  • Hezekyah Flowers, Shane Johnson, Max Stolzman and Clay Thonesavanh–Outstanding Youth Group (contributors)
  • Ben Groebner, Grace MacPherson and Elizabeth (Liz) Paul–Outstanding Youth
  • William Hanson, Alexander Leasman and Owen Phelps–Outstanding Youth Group (Middle School After School Youth Leaders)
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Mavathon (Lynsey Donna Rohlfing, president)–Outstanding Youth Organization
  • Mankato YWCA Programming for Girls–Outstanding Non-Profit Organization

Spirit of Youth Awards is an annual recognition initiative sponsored by Mankato Area Public Schools’ Community Education and Recreation Advisory Council, which honors outstanding youth, youth organizations, community volunteers, educators, businesses and coaches/advisors for their work in youth asset building.