In Worthington Wednesday, Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn applauded President Trump’s order to re-open meat processing plants:

“There are some examples around the country as how you do this. Actually had an issue, they worked through it, they cleaned things up, and before you know it they’re up and running again.”

Democratic Governor Tim Walz responds “we need to get these plants up and running”, however….

“No executive order I do or the president does… is going to get those hogs processed if the people who know how to do it are sick or do not feel like they can be there.”

Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson says:

“I can tell you, as the chairman of the (U-S House) Ag Committee, this is not gonna happen again on my watch…. We are gonna have a way to respond to emergencies that’s on the shelf and we can take off whenever we have a situation that happens.”