It won’t be long before farmers’ markets start popping up around Minnesota. Under one of Governor Tim Walz’s executive orders, farmers’ markets are allowed to open and operate provided proper social distancing and sanitizing. Kathy Zeman executive director of the Minnesota Farmers Market Association says they anticipate 90-percent of the state’s farmers markets to open this spring but will, of course, have a different feel to them:

“You know we’re not going to be able to do that Minnesota goodbye, where we say goodbye 24 times before we actually say goodbye and walk out the door. We’re not going to be able to hug and shake hands. This is the year where we’re going to be very efficient. You’re going to send one person into the market, you’re going to buy all your food, you’re going to smile and say thank you and you’re going to head home.”

Zeman says they’ve been able to get a jump start on what works and what doesn’t work thanks to about 10 winter farmers markets in the state who’ve had to practice social distancing since mid-March.