Dear Waseca County Residents, 

We need your help in slowing down the spread of coronavirus. There is no longer any debate: All medical experts agree that the spread of COVID-19 has the potential to overwhelm the U.S. health care system.  The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) stresses that there is widespread community transmission and we can assume that all of our communities have cases of COVID-19, even rural communities in Minnesota.

Waseca County has a history of coming together in troubling times, now we must continue our work in order to protect our most vulnerable.  The most powerful tool we have to change this alarming trend is practicing social distancing and adhering to the Stay at Home order.  In Minnesota, and in Waseca County, social distancing is working.  We need all residents to follow the executive orders of the Governor and continue to practice social distancing.   

The changes this brings to our community and way of life is extreme and creates hardships.  In order to help our community, an Essential Needs Request line is open at 507-835-0690, and other community partners are also providing support in these most unusual times.  Remember, social distancing can mean the difference between life and death for the people of our community, particularly those at highest risk.  

We are asking all of you to self-quarantine if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath) or have been exposed to the virus. For everyone else, please distance yourself from others in the following ways: avoid public places and go out only for essential work, get essential supplies or for exercise outdoors. Avoid family or public gatherings and stay 6 feet away from anyone with whom you do not live. 

The Centers for Disease Prevention & Control (CDC) is now recommending that everyone wear a cloth (homemade) face cover when going out in public to get essential supplies i.e. groceries. The purpose is to protect other people in case you are infected but not showing any symptoms. A couple important reminders: Do not use medical grade facemasks intended for healthcare workers as they are in short supply and remember that the face cover is not a substitute for social distancing. 

We encourage you to go to the MN Department of Health website for the most accurate information about COVID-19  or to the CDC website Locally, you can find information on COVID-19 on the Waseca County website at and on the Waseca County Public Health Facebook page.  

For information on what to do if you develop symptoms of COVID-19, please call your local health care provider or visit their website.  

Thank you for your sacrifices and for keeping the residents of Waseca County safe.   

Sarah Berry, Waseca County Public Health Director

Denise Wright, Waseca County Emergency Management Director

Martin Herrmann, M.D., Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca


Abby Dettmer, D.O., Physician, Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca


Christopher Schimming, M.D., Physician, Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca


Troy Benson, M.D., Physician, Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca


Kirby Johnson, Administrator, Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca


Doug Christopherson, Chairperson, Waseca County Board of Commissioners


Brad Milbrath, Waseca County Sherriff  


Clinton M Rogers, City Administrator, Janesville


Roy Srp, Mayor, City of Waseca


Penny Vought, Waseca Public Safety Director/Chief of Police


Charles Schwab, Chairman, Alton Township Board


Curt Keyes, Chairman, Iosco Township Board


Robert Drager, Chairman, Vivian Township Board

Anthony Martens, Chief of Police, New Richland