Serology testing, the testing for COVID-19 antibodies, will be ramping up in the near future in Minnesota. Dr. Ruth Lynfield is the state epidemiologist. She admits at this time there are more questions than answers about coronavirus.

“This is a new virus,” said Lynfield. “So we’re learning as we go.”

If COVID-19 antibodies are present does that automatically mean a person is immune? Lynfield says there’s no solid scientific answer yet but she’s optimistic.

“I am hopeful,” said Lynfield. “I don’t know if there will be lifelong immunity but I’m hopeful there will be immunity for a period of time.”

Lynfield explains there are viruses such as measles, if a person is exposed to or is immunized, the chances of contracting the virus is very low. She says flu antibodies are much more short-lived and that’s one of the reasons a new flu vaccine needs to be developed every year.