The 2020 Minnesota State Fair could end up a casualty of COVID-19. Governor Tim Walz said he won’t make a definitive call, but also doesn’t want to give any false hope:

“One of the greatest parts of the State Fair is it’s super-crowded,… elbow-to-elbow with your neighbors, that everywhere you go you just talk to somebody. That’s the charm of the Minnesota State Fair a lotta time.   Unfortunately, that is the worst thing for COVID-19 control.”

Walz adds:

“I know they’re looking at it. At this point in time, I just think it’s gonna be a hard lift, but we’ll hope.”

State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer told the Star Tribune the 2020 event will either be held without restrictions or not all. Hammer says the fair remains on track to open August 27th and they won’t cancel it unless it’s “absolutely clear” it cannot be held — with the latest decision-point being August 1st.   Since it began in 1859, the Minnesota State Fair has only been canceled because of the Civil War, World War Two and the polio epidemic in 1946.