Distance learning for the rest of the school year…

“And there is no joy in this, but there is an awful lot of thanks, to everybody involved.”

Governor Tim Walz thanked students teachers and families for their efforts over the past month while confirming that schools will remain closed through the end of the academic year, setting the stage for over a month more of learning from home statewide.

“I also want to be very clear, this is not the perfect solution. I am proud of Commissioner Ricker and her team. I am proud of Minnesota’s students, teacher and parents, some have just sent people home and gave them a list of homework or whatever, that’s not happening.”

Walz said today the current stay at home order is still scheduled to end May 4th, but that will not impact students’ ability to return to the classroom.

Walz had a message for graduating seniors

“This period in time, you will forever be the class of 2020. you will not be defined by staying home and missing proms and missing graduations, you will be defined by understanding how interconnected our world is and what it means to come together to solve hard problems.”

Walz said they recognize the significance of this moment.

“This ties you together in a way that has not been ever seen. And I just want you to know these decisions being made, they break our heart.”