Governor Walz announced a plan to increase the level of COVID-19 tests to 20-thousand per day in the state Wednesday afternoon. How fast can the state get to that point? Jan Malcom is the Commissioner of the Department of Health.

“We believe there’s a capacity to do eight thousand tests a day today if we get everything connected,” said Malcom. “The goal is to build the capacity to 20-thousand a day. That’s the total the health system believes they can produce.”

Malcom says the goal is to increase that capacity as soon as possible

“I would be kidding to say that will happen tomorrow,” said Malcom. “We’re sending out a message to our health care providers to test every symptomatic person. It’s their job to do that. It’s our job to process those tests.”

Malcom says the state has seen an uptick in the number of processed tests over the past couple of days.