An infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota says the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere close.

“While it’s very hard for Minnesotans to hear this, it’s very important for them to understand we are in the very first innings of this game,” said Ostherholm. “This virus has infected around five percent of the population of this state. This virus will not rest until it infects 60-70 percent of our citizens. Hopefully, most will develop immunity or we develop a vaccine.”

Dr. Micheal Ostherholm says the expanded testing plan announced by Governor Walz Wednesday will put the state is as good of a position to handle the pandemic as possible

“We are going to have hard days ahead and we’re going to need to hang together,” said Ostherholm. “But I’m very confident in our hardest days the programs we’re putting in place will sustain us and get us through.”

Governor Walz announced a plan Wednesday that the state, Mayo Clinic, and the University of Minnesota will test up to 20-thousand state residents per day.