Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has announced a partnership for widespread, rapid testing for COVID-19 in the state.

“This partnership, with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota along with other health systems we’re launching today, will provide a strategy to test all symptomatic people, isolate confirmed cases and expand public health surveillance throughout greater Minnesota,” said Walz.

Walz says this plan should allow Minnesota to lead the nation in COVID-19 testing.

“This plan will allow us to test up to 20-thousand Minnesotans per day,” said Walz. “The increased testing and tracing will help control the pandemic and help us think about those strategies to help reopen our society,” said Walz.

The Governor reminds residents to not forget what put the state in a good position.

“None of this will matter if we don’t continue our social distancing which has helped Minnesota flatten the curve,” said Walz. “I want to be clear about this. This is not a pass that everything is back to normal. This is one tool in a toolbox that leads us back in that right direction.”

Walz says this plan, along with social distancing, is the way to return back to a sense of normalcy.