The Minnesota Retailers Association is suggesting to state officials a plan for phased re-opening of all retail establishments in Minnesota. Association President Bruce Nustad contends in the short term, curbside service would work — noting it’s been effective in protecting restaurant customers and workers:

“Really it’s sort of an expansion of that to say, well, if that model works in the restaurant industry and you have some other essential businesses operating under some best practices, we can probably get Main Street boutique-type retailers open for curbside in a very safe manner.”

Nustad says in the mid-term, retail businesses could re-open to customers under best practices that essential businesses are currently using:

“Changing the flow of the store, ensuring we can do spacing between customers, ensuring we don’t get too crowded in a store, sanitizing frequently… those best practices that we see today at hardware stores and grocery stores and other retailers that are open.”

Nustad notes retail impacts one in five Minnesota jobs.