Governor Tim Walz says he believes Washington D-C and Minnesota are “aligned” in the fight against COVID-19, after President Trump called him back over the weekend. Walz says his message to the president:

“I have not criticized or decided who’s to blame for why we don’t have enough of this stuff. I just said we don’t have it. And then if I’m a Minnesotan out there listening, at that point in time it becomes my responsibility. And all I’m asking for is, just some partnership and help. I’ll take responsibility.”

President Trump tweeted  (Monday) “Received a very nice call from @GovTimWalz of Minnesota. We are working closely on getting him all he needs, and fast. Good things happening!” Walz tried to reach the president on Friday after Trump tweeted “LIBERATE MINNESOTA”, in support of protesters gathered outside the Governor’s Residence, who demanded that Walz lift his stay-at-home order.