The City of Mankato is working with Blue Earth County Public Health to help educate how to safely put on (donning), remove (doffing) and discard Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

Kelley Haeder, community health supervisor for Blue Earth County Public Health, recommends that the public also understand how to use and discard of PPEs to get the most benefit out of them.

“Face masks and other PPEs can help save lives,” Haeder says. “However, using a mask may not make a difference if there’s not a clear understanding of how to place, remove and discard them–all are key to everyone’s health and safety.”

Public Safety is also assisting other city departments with PPEs. Since there are people who rely on public transportation to access essential services, transit is one area of focus. The team is determining face mask needs for passengers and drivers to help with their safety while using transit services. Other areas identifed for masks include public works, housing maintenance and building inspections.

Donate to Homemade Mask Week on April 25

As part of Minnesota’s Homemade Mask Week (through April 25), face masks are being accepted between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Saturday (April 25) at:

  • Public Safety Center, 710 South Front Street
  • Fire station #2, 1721 Augusta Drive
  • Fire station #3, 1230 Pohl Road

Masks will be distributed to nursing homes, homeless shelters, veterans’ homes and group homes after being sanitized and repackaged. View guidelines for homemade face coverings.