The Mayo Clinic has the capacity to do up to 10-thousand serology tests each day to find out if some have had the COVID-19 in the past and recovered. Dr. Eli Theel says they now need to get a detailed plan together on testing and what we’re going to do with those results.

Theel says they also have the capacity to do 7-thousand molecular tests each day, used to determine if someone is actively infected with COVID-19.

Theel says antibody tests are still a work in progress.

As the Mayo Clinic ramps up their testing capacity, they are also working together with hospitals statewide to help get Minnesota back to work. Dr. Eli Theel says first and foremost they have to sort out what type of tests are most beneficial.

Theel says they can do seven thousand molecular tests each day to determine if someone is actively infected, along with 10-thousand daily tests to determine if someone has already had the virus and recovered.