The New House Republican Caucus introduced a resolution at the statehouse Monday to end Governor Walz’s peacetime emergency declaration. State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal says it’s about giving power back to the people.

“It’s the legislature taking back authority to make laws,” said Munson. “That what’s missing. The people of Minnesota have lost their voice.”

Munson says the resolution is not questioning any decision the Governor has made; it’s about checks and balances

“Whether you believe Walz is right or wrong, you should believe the legislature should have the power to write laws,” said Munson. “Let’s debate them. Let’s vet them. As compared to letting one person unilaterally do that.”

Procedurally, a two-thirds vote of the house is required to bring the resolution up for a vote. If that happens, the resolution would not a simple majority to pass and move onto the senate.