Most of the Minnesota legislature’s work to this point has involved issues related to COVID-19. Should a bonding bill still be considered? State Senator Nick Frentz of North Mankato says yes.

“There should be a bonding bill,” said Frentz. “We have a good credit rating as a state and interest rates will never be lower. It’s never going to be a better time to do those projects that you can’t really budget for.”

Frentz says a bonding bill could provide a boost to the economy

“We’re going into a recession, hopefully, a short one,” said Frentz. “The bonding bill means jobs. If you ever wanted a jobs bill, you’re going to want one that will start projects later this year and next year that will provide immediate jobs to Minnesotans.”

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Walz presented a two billion dollar bonding proposal. Senate Republicans are wanting to bond about half that.