Governor Tim Walz has extended his stay-at-home order until May 4th, including for bars and restaurants:

Walz says his administration will work with stakeholders on short-term plans to help more businesses re-open:

…”protocols based on social distancing and best practices, that doesn’t change the progress that we’ve made, don’t put people at risk to exposure, but allows us to re-open some of the industries that were not considered essential the first time.”

Walz had this message for Minnesotans

“Stay home, continue this. We bought the time we needed.   We’re getting close to doing and accomplishing what we needed: capacity of hospitals, the capacity of ventilators, the capacity of PPE, and keeping our first responders safe and their families taken care of.”

Walz’s order could allow some businesses like landscaping and golf course maintenance to reopen if they can maintain social distancing, but Deputy House Republican Leader Anne Neu says it should go farther than that:

…”I think there’s a significant need to continue to push for flexibility along with compassion and common sense. Want to protect the public, we want to save lives, and we also recognize that there’s tremendous anxiety and financial difficulty.”


“I understand the need that we have to balance public health, but we need to balance that with common sense and compassion.”