Governor Tim Walz says he’ll have an update today on a possible extension of his stay at home order to combat COVID-19.

“I’ll make a determination, I think it’s already pretty clear that we will continue heading down our stay at home order, but using the data to more refine that in a way that makes sense.”

Currently, the stay at home order is in effect through Friday. Walz says Minnesotans practicing social distancing are doing their part and adds that there have been “some pretty strong indications that we’re pushing that curve back, we’re bending it a little bit.” However, he cautions Minnesotans not to get a false sense of security.

He says he understands people are looking for a silver lining in the fight against COIVD-19…

“I do not want people to not have a false sense of security but I also want you to take away from this that what we’re doing is working and we have a chance, if we get this right, to avoid the worst of the things that you’ve seen in certain places.”

The stay at home order is currently in effect through Friday, but that is likely to be refined in some way by Walz today.