Minnesota Sen. Julie Rosen (R-Vernon Center) today released the following statement encouraging Gov. Tim Walz to ease restrictions on businesses that can safely operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a few hours, Gov. Tim Walz is scheduled to announce changes to his strategy for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is my sincere hope that part of this strategy includes relaxing restrictions on some businesses related to his stay at home order. The social distancing rules we have had in place have kept Minnesota’s infection rate among the lowest in the nation, but his order has also inflicted harm on several industries that can easily and safely operate right now.


“The governor’s stay at home order encourages Minnesotans to get outside. Yet, confusingly, businesses like golf courses, landscapers, marinas, and dock installers are forced to remain closed. They don’t need to be. These are businesses that can be operated – and enjoyed by their patrons – while maintaining safe social distancing practices.


“Minnesota has done remarkably well at preparing for the expected surge of coronavirus patients, and we stand ready to make sure hospitals will have all of the space, staff, and supplies they need to get through this. But the economic fallout has been painful almost across the board. There are people who can work safely with little risk of spreading the virus. We should let them. We can do better than a one-size-fits-all solution.”