Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is urging the governor to lift the stay-at-home order and let most businesses re-open in Minnesota:

“Everywhere you turn there’s some group that needs to get going…. We want all of the people that should be working to be working, and frankly, maybe we just say only certain types of businesses are closed and everything’s opened up.”

Gazelka says Minnesotans are following social distancing guidelines, which seems to be flattening the curve of COVID cases and pushing back the peak.

“I hope that he lifts the stay-at-home and I hope he loosens up the job restrictions so more people can get back to work.”

Republican Senator Jim Abeler from Anoka says under the governor’s executive orders, thousands of Minnesotans are barred from earning a living and feeding their families:

“Governor, I know you ran on One Minnesota. We’re really a half-Minnesota. Anoka is half a town. There is nobody down there. These small companies that have been open as legacy businesses are languishing and some will never open — and it’s avoidable and can be changed today.”