As the COVID-19 pandemic deepens, many Minnesotans are struggling to put food on the table:

“Second Harvest Heartland has been working with our partners across Minnesota to distribute 1.3 million pounds of food last week alone. Which is 350,000 pounds of food above where we were last year at this time.”

Allison O’Toole CEO of Second Harvest Heartland.

As the demand for food assistance rises across the state, O’Toole encourages families to apply for SNAP benefits formerly known as food stamps. She says while food shelves are doing a great job this program can put even more food on the table:

“And it’s really important to remember that for every meal all our wonderful partners provide SNAP provides nine. So SNAP provides 9 times the number of meals we all do together.”

Last week alone, Second Harvest Heartland distributed 1.3 pounds of food around the state.

O’Toole CEO of Second Harvest Heartland says in order to keep up with the high demand they need donations to keep coming in:

“Bottom line we need financial resources. We all need financial resources to do that. That will make it sustainable. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon.”

O’Tool says the state has stepped in with financial resources and she hopes it will continue. She says she’s grateful for lawmaker’s bipartisan support.