We need more masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment — the plea to lawmakers Thursday from medical workers as well as Minnesota hospitals. Minnesota Nurses Association President Mary Turner:

“The simple ask of being able to clean ourselves off or throw out soiled scrubs is being denied by many hospitals. As a result nurses are forced to bring those soiled scrubs out into the public into their homes and potentially exposing their families to COVID.”

Governor Tim Walz responds the lack of personal protective equipment has put nurses and other front-line workers at risk:

“Our commitment to them is to do everything within our power, using both the supply chain ability we have, using private sector. I spoke with a local C-E-O of a medical company… who found 100-thousand masks and delivered ’em over.”


“While we understand that there is a shortage of PPE, we know that many hospitals are withholding the equipment they have now because they’re concerned about saving it for the future. If nurses do not have proper PPE now they will not be around to care for the future wave of COVID-19 patients.”


“Right now many of my nurse colleagues who work in elective procedures are being threatened with layoffs — and at the time we face a global pandemic. Instead, these nurses should be trained to help diagnose, treat and fight this virus.”