Supplies needed to conduct COVID-19 tests in Minnesota are still a concern according to Minnesota Department of Health director Jan Malcom.

“It’s not just about the tests, ” said Malcom. “It’s also about the supplies in the laboratory and chemicals that are required to run those tests. Supplies for our highest capacity testing platform are back-ordered until May first.”

Malcom says their communications with federal officials have been frustrating.

“We have had multiple phone calls at the highest level of the Department of Health and Human Services, based on Governor Walz’s request to Vice President Pence,” said Malcom. “We’ve sent specific requests and have not heard back. Congressman Emmer’s office made the same request on our behalf and was told the supplies were on their way. As far as we know none of the supplies have to us.”

Malcom says many Minnesota hospitals have stepped up to the plate when it comes to testing, but many local hospitals are running short on testing supplies as well.