Today (MARCH 31) marks the beginning of distance learning for PreK-12 students in Mankato Area Public Schools and across Minnesota. These are unprecedented times, and faculty and staff have done tremendous work to change our educational delivery method in less than two weeks. We are excited to get started on this new adventure and re-engage with students and families!


Schools, grade-levels and content areas have tailored distance learning plans to meet the needs of their individual students. Our district-wide framework for distance learning has been guided by the Minnesota Department of Education and by the following general principles:


  • Connections first, then content. Students are living through an extraordinary time.  Take time to support, listen, and demonstrate our care for them.
  • Less is more. Be selective in what you ask of students.  Focus on essential learning, both academic and social-emotional.
  • Flexibility. Family situations are as diverse as our classrooms.  We all will benefit from giving and getting the benefit of the doubt.
  • Monitor and adjust. This is new for everyone. Collect regular feedback from colleagues, students and families and use it to improve the distance learning experience.


Currently, distance learning is scheduled to be in place until Thursday, April 30.  Faculty and staff will have two days (May 1 and May 4) to prepare for the return to traditional school on Tuesday, May 5.  All plans are subject to change, depending on guidance from Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education.