Governor Tim Walz today signed Executive Orders 20-25 and 20-26 to extend licenses for first responders and allow the medical cannabis program to continue safely serving Minnesotans during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Executive Order 20-25 extends licenses of peace officers, firefighters, and private security personnel and defers continuing education requirements for peace officer licenses that are set to expire soon. The Order allows professionals on the front lines of combatting COVID-19 to maintain their licenses and continue supporting Minnesotans during the peacetime emergency.


To avoid the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable populations, Executive Order 20-26 extends re-certification dates for current medical cannabis patient enrollments set to expire over the next several months; allows any patient to request a temporary caregiver so they are able to send someone to pick up medication on their behalf; and allows medical cannabis patients to practice social distancing with curbside delivery and telephone pharmacist consultations.


These Executive Orders are subject to approval by the Executive Council and will have the full force and effect of law upon approval.