To address three of the most common questions that have been presented to law enforcement concerning the Executive Order to stay at home:

  1. Can I travel? Answer: Yes.  The order permits people to travel for many reason to include “drive for pleasure”.
  2. Do we need documentation of being an essential / critical employee?   Answer:  No.  This is not required, but having some type of form or business Identification Card might be helpful for employees to better define their job responsibility.  We recommend that there is some type of contact information for the officer to follow up on.  Usually, most employers have been recommending employees use their supervisor or a representative from Human Resources for contact inquires.
  3. Can we be outside?  Answer:  Yes.   Governor Walz encouraged people to be active and his order allows residents to go for a walk, go jogging, ride their bicycle, visit public parks / public recreation lands, go for a car ride or go hunting and fishing, just observe six foot social distancing rule while doing so.

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