A message from Mayor Najwa Massad

Our community, state, nation and world are experiencing a situation unlike anything we’ve been through before. As we prepare for upcoming shelter in place, we understand how impactful it can be. It’s important to remember that doing so is for everyone’s health and safety—your families, friends and neighbors. We realize that many have questions unable to be answered at this time. I know the indescribable feeling to be in a situation where it feels like all hope is lost, and there’s no way out.

However, I also know we will get through this by supporting each other. Family, friends and neighbors need to come together during this unprecedented time. I encourage everyone to think of others who may need assistance. Help an elderly neighbor with picking up groceries or medications. Support essential businesses still able to offer their services. Be selfless, and be kind. Every act makes a difference.

Please know that the City of Mankato is working hard to help ensure necessary city services continue. Public safety continues to respond to calls, water treatment staff work to ensure high quality drinking water, wastewater staff continues to provide service not only to Mankato, but also six other jurisdictions. These are just a few of the many ongoing city efforts. I’m confident the work done by the city will continue, and important information will be shared as needed. Please make sure to check the city’s website at mankatomn.gov, or call 311 or 507-387-8600.

It’s also important to share that there’s on-going collaboration between local businesses, health care and not-profit organizations. Together, they are actively partnering to identify and meet essential needs and help ensure best outcomes for the community. We are united, strong and resilient.

Be safe. Be strong. Be kind.