What can you and what can’t you do under Minnesota’s stay-at-home order enacted by Governor Walz. Walz says the simple reason for the order is to slow transmission of COVID-19 and buy the state some time.

“It was certainly not put in place to inconvenience Minnesotans, although it certainly will,” said Walz. “It’s certainly not put in place to make someone a criminal for going and getting bread. No one is going to be asked carry papers or show a note of where they’re going.”

Walz says persons are allowed to leave their homes for essential needs or if their jobs are in the critical sector. The Governor was why the order was statewide and not more targeted.

“A week ago we had 59 cases. Today we had 59 new cases. So what we’re seeing is the circle in spreading out,” said Walz.

State officials say 78 percent of Minnesota workers fall into the critical sector of employees outlined in the Governor’s executive order.