State Patrol troopers are taking precautions and asking motorists to continue safe driving habits

  • The Minnesota State Patrol is operating at normal staffing levels and troopers continue keeping roads safe by enforcing all traffic laws.
  • All troopers are carrying personal protective equipment and are highly trained on taking precautions.
  • In the past week troopers have received increased reports of aggressive driving and drivers speeding, some more than 100 mph.
    • o “COVID-19 is not a license to speed, drive impaired, or make other poor decisions behind the wheel,” said Col Matt Langer, chief of the Minnesota State Patrol. “We owe it to everyone who needs to be on the road right now to maintain order and provide for safe travel. Let’s make sure hospital beds are available for those dealing with COVID-19. Preventing critical injuries from a crash can help make that happen.”
  • The State Patrol is reminding Minnesotans to pay attention, buckle up, obey the speed limit and drive sober.
  • The Patrol is encouraging Minnesotans to follow MDH advice and stay home when they can.