To this point, Minnesota hasn’t needed a lot of ICU beds in dealing with COVID-19 cases.

“So far we have seven COVID-19 patients that are in ICU,” said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. “We have a total of 243 ICU beds available.”

Minnesota Department of Public Safety director Joe Kelly says they have to prepare for the worst

“We in good shape now,” said Kelly. “But we need to be prepared to expand that system very quickly. So now is the time to work on developing that plan. We’re grateful for our partners, the Army Corps of Engineers, the National Guard and others as they provide technical assistance to expand our capacity to take care of critically ill patients.”

The state department of public health says there are 262 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota. State officials say 21 cases have required hospitalization, 15 individuals remain hospitalized and 88 patients no longer need to be isolated.