Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has not considered a shelter in place order for Minnesota residents……………yet.

“At this point in time, I’m prepared to do that,” said Walz. “But if it becomes necessary with the data and where we’re at, I am prepared to do that.”

Walz says determining whether or not to do so will be based on the best data available at that time.

“Do I wish there was a checklist which said if this, this and this happens, we shelter in place? Yes,” said Walz. “But we don’t have that. We’re not in the business of hoping, we’re in the business of planning. If things improve, such as ramping up protective equipment and keeping people in place, that may not be necessary. But at this time we can’t determine that.”

The Minnesota Department of Public Health says there are 115 COVID-19 cases statewide presently. That’s an increase of 26 cases from Thursday.