With COVID-19 cases mounting across the U-S, could Minnesotans see “shelter in place” orders like in San Francisco?   Governor Tim Walz said this afternoon (Wed) that’s one possible item in the toolbox:

“I certainly don’t want to alarm Minnesotans,… but if there’s anything that I can tell you is, those are all potential things. And of course, we want to do that in the most orderly manner possible, talking to folks about it.”

And about the impulse to hoard, the governor says:

“Don’t do it, please. Our system of delivery of food and supplies is solid…. Gonna take cooperation. Again, we don’t have enough police to arrest everybody who decides to buy too darn much toilet paper, but there’s some social pressure we can ask. We’re starting to see people be pretty respectful of their neighbors.”

State officials stress if you’re sick — whether or not you know it’s coronavirus — stay home so the state can “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic.