The Minnesota Department of Health put in new standards for receiving COVID-19 tests, focusing on hospitalized individuals, health care workers and those in congregate care. Minnesota Department of Health infectious disease director Kris Ehresman has a message for Minnesotans.

“I really want to emphasize that the emphasis of the news should not be about the limited testing,” said Ehresman. “But it needs to be about the fact that if you’re not hospitalized if you’re not a health care worker if you’re in congregate care, the laboratory confirmation doesn’t matter. It matters that you and your household stay out of the public. I think when the messaging in the media continues to talk about the testing, that gives the wrong message that testing has a greater value than staying home, and that is a message that we really need to change.”

State officials say there are now 77 coronavirus cases statewide, including two each in Nicollet, Martin and Blue Earth counties and one in Waseca county. Medical officials say if a person tests positive and has mild symptoms, the current treatment is to send the individual home to seclusion for 14 days.