Governor Tim Walz says Minnesota restaurant, bar and other hospitality employees who are out of work because of the coronavirus shutdown are eligible for unemployment insurance. The governor says to affected workers:

“We’re not coming in front of you making a closure without having the backstops in place to try and ease this. It will not make you whole, but our intention is to try and make sure that it does not destroy your family or the well-being that you have.”

Officials say it’s critical that those applying for unemployment benefits use the website if at all possible — UIMN-dot-org. The state is temporarily removing the waiting period for unemployment benefits.

Governor Walz says the state is also suspending the surcharge that businesses pay into the unemployment insurance fund.   Officials say they’re also working to make sure Minnesota businesses are eligible for S-B-A loans.

Officials say state assistance is available for parents who can’t go to work because their child’s daycare has shut down due to coronavirus concerns. Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Commissioner Steve Grove:

“If you a parent who’s experiencing childcare challenges due to the closure or cancellation of child care facilities, you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits while you are away from work.”