A case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Blue Earth County. Kris Ehresman with the Minnesota Department of Health says they cannot give any specifics about the case.

“We are unable to give specifics about any case because we do have to protect patient confidentiality,” said Ehresman.

Ehresman says it likely won’t be the last case in Blue Earth County.

“I think it’s important for people to realize if there’s a case in your community, it’s very likely we’ll see additional spread. We’re assuming that there’s community transmission occurring based on the fact we’ve identified three such cases,” said Ehresman.

Kelley Hader is the public health supervisor in Blue Earth County.

“This is something we’ve been expecting and planning for and we’re working very closely with the Minnesota Department of Health right now,” said Hader.

State officials say there are 54 confirmed cases of coronavirus in state.

“I’ll note that three patients of the 54 confirmed cases in the state remain hospitalized,” said Minnesota Department of Health spokesperson Smith.

Ehresman says the three community spread cases that have been identified are in Ramsey, Dakota and Hennepin counties.