There are several reasons Debby Anderson doesn’t like to miss a day of work at MRCI, topping the list, “People miss me if I am not here,” she says with a smile. “This is where I belong. We are like a family. We love one another. They allow me to be me.”

These are more than just words to Debby, who is deaf, she takes them to heart. That was evident in her art, which was chosen to be showcased this year at “Disability Day at the Capital”. Her artwork chosen by ARRM, a nonprofit association of more than 200 providers, businesses and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of home and community-based services supporting people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. ARRM leads advocacy and training for positive industry reforms that support Minnesotans with disabilities. They help organize a “Disability Day at the Capital” and provide buttons to be worn that day. This year, those buttons will feature Debby’s artwork.

“I chose purple because it is the color of unity,” says Debby. “My picture shows how no matter our disability, we are all in this together with love. Everyone is represented in my picture, from the wheelchair to mental health.”

Debby says she is a little nervous to go to the Capital but is excited to see everyone wearing her button!

Disability Day at the Capital is March 10.