State House Republicans are joining their counterparts in the Senate in calling for about a billion dollars in tax relief for Minnesotans. They say with a $1.5 billion budget surplus, the state is fully funded and Minnesota families should benefit. House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt put this message out to Governor Walz and House Democrats:

“We want to see your tax plan, we want to see how much you plan to give Minnesotans.”

House Speaker Melissa Hortman says they’re not putting out any specifics right now, but…

“It’s totally fair to consider all the different ideas that people will bring forward. We’ll look at how much does it cost in the short-term, how much does it cost in the long-term and what is it competing with.”

Republican lawmakers say their plan would reduce taxes for nearly every Minnesotan and that the surplus shows that Minnesotans were overcharged.