The Skyline City Council voted unanimously at the March 9, 2020 city council meeting to remove and replace Skyline’s iconic red-topped water tower. The vote culminated months of deliberation as city leaders and residents weighed in on possible solutions to Skyline’s aging water tower. 

As part of the planning process, Skyline studied a proposal from the City of Mankato to jointly build a 100,000 gallon capacity tank to serve Skyline and nearby homes in West Mankato that have low water pressure. Engineering studies were commissioned to examine the cost and benefits of independently building another small water tower versus partnering with the City of Mankato. 

Three public forums were held for Skyline residents to ask questions and comment. After vetting alternatives, the Skyline city council voted to retain a Skyline owned tower separate from Mankato. Short-term and long-term costs, preference for a 55,000 gallon elevated storage tank and less disruption during construction were key factors in the decision. The council’s vote was unanimously backed by residents in attendance at the March 9th city council meeting. 

Next steps include reviewing a Preliminary Engineering Report prepared by ISG Engineering, and submitting funding applications. Bidding and permitting will follow in 2021. Skyline residents are excited about a new state-of-the art water tower with a logo overlooking the Minnesota River Valley. The water tower stands as a symbol of Skyline’s unique identity and strong sense of community.