Starting as a baseball card shop in 1980, Double Play has also been offering comics and games to the greater Mankato area for decades. In that time the collectible hobby industry has changed a great deal. Long gone are the days of kids spending their paper route or lawn mowing money on baseball cards with that chalky pink gum. For years now the locally owned shop operated by Patrick Anderson and Corey Miller has done all of its business in comic books, trading card games, toys, and novelties. In order to better reflect the products and services offered the decision was made to change the name to PULP Comics and Games with a tagline of pop culture for all

“This change is not something we took lightly, I have fond memories of coming to Double Play as a kid to buy comics, but customers kept telling us we should change the name to something more representative of what we offer,” stated Anderson. “The community was really pushing for a change and we had a lot of ideas pitched to us. Ultimately we decided to go with something that was concise and represented both the physical material and genre of the items we carry so we came up with PULP Comics and Games” 

He went on to say, “Pop culture for all is our mission. We believe that entertainment should be accessible and a big part of what we do is cultivating a community of enthusiasts and newcomers. This isn’t some club with a nerd litmus test. Comics and games are about empowerment and should be a shared experience.” 

“Collecting comics is so much more than enjoying fantastical stories about heroes with superhuman powers, it’s about preserving a piece of history for the next generation. That smell of opening a box of books stored away for years, the feel of that old, rough newsprint, the thrill of talking with friends about a story or character you love.” 

“Card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon are about more than just a game played with pieces of cardboard too,” added Miller. “Our customers are a community that socializes, talks strategy, welcomes newcomers as friends, and drives each other to become better players. It’s a bustle of activity and socializing at every event and there’s nothing better than the sound and feel of shuffling cards or cracking into a new pack. We live in an era of technology and interacting with others virtually so having a place to spend time with friends and meet new people is important. We invite anyone to come see what we have to offer because we believe there’s something rewarding for everyone.” 

Weekly Events at PULP 

Monday Dungeons & Dragons @ 5:30PM – FREE Magic: The Gathering Draft @ 6PM – $15 

Tuesday Comic Club @ 4PM – FREE Pathfinder @ 5:30PM – FREE Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Format @ 6:30pm – $7 

Wednesday Dungeons & Dragons @ 5:30PM – FREE 

Thursday Magic: The Gathering Commander Format @ 5PM – $7 Magic: The Gathering Club @ 5:30PM – FREE 

Friday Magic: The Gathering Modern [email protected] 6:00PM – $7 Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Format @ 6:00PM – $7 Magic: The Gathering Draft @ 9:30PM – $15 

Saturday Dungeons & Dragons @ 2PM – FREE 

Sunday Pokemon Learn to Play @ 12PM – FREE Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Format @ 1PM – $7 

PULP Comics and Games is located at 633 South Front St in downtown Mankato across from the Fillin’ Station and next to Once Read Used Book Store.