Law enforcement could get a court order to take guns away from someone judged a danger to themselves or others, under a “red flag” bill the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House passed last night (Thurs) over Republicans’ objections. Representative Tim Miller from Prinsburg says law enforcement he’s talked to is not very interested in going out and confiscating guns:

“Driving up onto a farm site… and them getting out with the knowledge of the person on the other side — somewhere, could be in any one of those buildings, could be anywhere — that they have weapons that are going to be confiscated by law enforcement.”

Saint Paul Democrat Dave Pinto responds:

“If the person is dangerous enough that they’re concerned for their own safety, then I would think they might want to do it, but the good thing is, this gives them the option.”

Pinto adds the Chiefs of Police Association supports the legislation. But the measure has little chance of advancing in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate.