The Democrat-controlled Minnesota House last night (Wed) passed a controversial insulin assistance package that would put a fee on drug makers — setting up a continued dispute with the Republican-controlled Senate. Chaska Senator Scott Jensen says let’s solve the problem, not punish insulin manufacturers:

“The Democratic side of the aisle feels that there should be some sort of punitive measure involved: pound of flesh, whatever.”

Democratic Representative Michael Howard from Richfield responds it’s not about punishing drug companies:

“This is about holding drug manufacturers accountable for their part in not just creating a crisis, but profiting richly from it.”

Governor Tim Walz takes that stance also, and is urging lawmakers to reach agreement and send him legislation.

“Here we are in the second (sic) week. They promised to get it done. They did…. I would encourage the Senate to follow suit. If there’s a little bit of tweeting to get done, do that, but don’t fundamentally change what is going to help fix the problem.”