MANKATO, MN – In 2015, 14 bison arrived at Minneopa State Park, a place where they once roamed freely before they were hunted to near extension in the late 1800’s.   Dakota people helped prepare for and welcome bison back to Minneopa State Park in Mankato when they were moved from Blue Mounds State Park. This partnership showed respect for the significance of bison to the Dakota culture and added another layer of meaning to their return.

Gwen Westerman, a Dakota educator, writer and artist, will present, Connect to Place: Dakota and the Minneopa Bison, Wednesday, March 4 from 2-3:30 pm at the VINE Adult Community Center.  Learn about the role the Dakota played in welcoming bison back to their homeland and gain a wider perspective on how Mankato area people interact with the Dakota culture every day.

The event is free for VINE members and open to the public for $5.  Registration is required by March 3.