With five days to the start of Minnesota’s 2020 legislative session, leaders are laying out their top priorities for using the state’s predicted 1.3-billion-dollar budget surplus.

Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman says, high-quality early childhood education:
“This year’s three-year-old that we provide it to, carries that benefit with them the rest of their life.”

Governor Tim Walz says his top priority…
“The Rainy Day Fund and bond servicing for a robust jobs/projects bill.”

Walz and Democrats want a much larger bonding bill than Republicans. Senate G-O-P Leader Paul Gazelka says, fully exempt Social Security benefits from state income tax:

“With our workforce shortage, more people would stay in Minnesota. I think you’re gonna find in the future that more seniors are working, which we want them to do.”

Democrats respond totally eliminating state income tax on Social Security will benefit mainly the wealthy. The opening gavel is next Tuesday at noon.