The St. Peter City Council took the first step in establishing a  local option sales tax to help fund a new fire hall in the community at its meeting this week. City manager Todd Prafke says the request now moves onto the state legislature.

“You have to pass a resolution including the amount of sales tax,” said Prafke. “There are specific people you have to send the resolution to and since the law changed last May you have to demonstrate regional significance.”

Prafke feels they can make the case for regional significance

“Our fire department has equipment that many other departments don’t have”, said Prafke. “And we have additional training due to the size of buildings and the things that go on at the state hospital on the south side of town.”

If the state legislature approves the request, the measure will go before voters in November. Prafke says the city is considering a half-cent sales tax increase. St. Peter is looking to replace its current 90-year-old fire hall.